The brief was to produce a stop motion version of a favourite classic scene from a film. The chosen scene must feature at least one talking character. The final animation must be no longer than 30 seconds. The animation style can be cutout, object, live action, photography, plasticine claymation or any other combination of these styles.
C O N C E P T  &  V I S U A L  F O U N D A T I O N
I chose the scene from the film Hunger Games, Catching Fire, as the idea of creating the effect as in the original scene using stop motion animation was fascinating.
I mainly used flowers and other objects like feathers, tiny mirrors and wire to depict the famous scene. Flower enhances and adds the surprise element to the fire swirling part of the scene.
The stop motion animation was created using Adobe Premiere Pro. In total there are 73 frames in this film with 50 unique frames that were hand-drawn.
Created in 2014.

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